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hoelzro rob at hoelzro.net
Wed Nov 25 12:33:40 GMT 2009

Hello, MojoMojo!

I'm an ambitious young developer who's been using MojoMojo for quite some
time now, and I figured that I should put my Perl and Catalyst skills to
good use outside the workplace and contribute to a project as great as

Now that my introduction is out of the way, onto my ideas about
notification.  I was looking at the issue pertaining to notification
(http://github.com/marcusramberg/mojomojo/issues#issue/49), and I like the
"More Difficult" option, where anyone can subscribe to a page's changes.  I
have some ideas on how to expand upon that:

- How about a recursive watch, so a user can monitor all page changes under
a certain namespace?  This would allow admins to monitor the whole MM
instance without much hassle.
- I think a checkbox on page creation/edit to subscribe to that page's
changes would be cool.
- A user setting to automatically subscribe to pages that that user creates
or edits would also be nice.
- Some sort of subscription management UI in the user's profile/preferences
page would be nice.
- As far as the actual implementation of the notification system goes, I
propose a generic notification mechanism that various output modules could
subscribe to.  A page (or something else in the future) would publish a
changed event, and any installed output modules would broadcast the contents
of the message to all interested parties.  That way, we could implement
output modules for e-mail, XMPP, or anything else that comes to mind in the
future.  When users subscribe, they can specify how they want to receive

Granted, several of these ideas would take a lot of work, and some may be
difficult to implement efficiently.  Please let me know what you think of

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