[MojoMojo] How to add a new theme

Enrico Sorcinelli enrico.sorcinelli at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 14:50:58 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'm starting to use MojoMojo and I would create a new theme.

So, I understood that basically I have to work with ./root/themes
(where .tt files live) and ./root/static/themes (where css, images and
so on live).

However it seems that MojoMojo only uses own root/ path (that is,
inside /mypath/lib/MojoMojo/root...) for .tt lookup although i
configured a different 'root' setting in my mojomojo.conf (I mean that
it seems that only root/static files can live outside MojoMojo
installation dir -by setting mojojomo. conf's root-, not .tt files.
It's correct?)

There is any doc/readme/notes about naming convention, .tt
explaination list (that is, which .tt files we should/could override)
and/or MojoMojo CSS styles?
Of course I just started working over purple-pleasure theme for excercise.

Thanks in advance


   - Enrico

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