[MojoMojo] installing and testing mojomojo from git/cpan on debian 5.0.4

Emil-Nicolaie Perhinschi emilper at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 01:58:15 GMT 2010


after a few false starts, the planets aligned at last and I managed to
install all the dependencies.

Before the real error reports:
 - there should be a note, in the required modules list, of "aliased"
(it's hard to spot in the errors since it does not look like
Some::Module, and it is demanded by some required modules).
 - docbook-xsl (debian package name) is also required for

In the end I got only one mandatory test to fail:

t/c/email.t ..................... 1/14
#   Failed test 'new password emailed'
#   at t/c/email.t line 25.
#          got: '0'
#     expected: '1'
Can't call method "header" on an undefined value at t/c/email.t line 29.
# Looks like you planned 14 tests but ran 4.
# Looks like you failed 1 test of 4 run.
# Looks like your test exited with 9 just after 4.
t/c/email.t ..................... Dubious, test returned 9 (wstat 2304, 0x900)
Failed 11/14 subtests

Optional tests that failed:
 - the formatter_amazon test, when AMAZON_TOKEN was set:  Amazon
requires now a secret key besides the old token ( since version 0.55
of Net::Amazon )
 - pod coverage, but I guess the devs know about that :P

At a first glance, everything seems to work, except sending the "new
password email". I'll look into that (could be a problem with my
system) after I finish compiling a list of dependencies to install,
and the order they need to be installed.

I tried with both one of the latest CPAN versions (MojoMojo-0.999042)
and the git version downloaded today (this last one asked for a few
more optional modules).

great work :)

Emil Perhinschi

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