[northwestengland.pm] Re: [GeekUp] North West England Perl Mongers

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Wed Dec 31 19:31:09 GMT 2008

Mark Keating wrote:
>> Also, I help organise DFEY-NW (Digital Freedom in Education and Youth 
>> North West, one of whose aims is to get more young people into more 
>> specialised technology groups).
> That's cool. What age-ranges do you support. perhaps there is a chance 
> we could organise an earlier time at a convenient location and grab a 
> few Perl people to present. As Mongers we would be looking at finding 
> Students who would like to consider using Perl as then we could perhaps 
> point them at proposals for GSoC etc.

Well that'd be a neat idea certainly though I'm not sure if it would 
work just yet because the people involved are generally putting 
themselves out there as it is, but that you very much for the offer, 
I'll mention it to a few people and see what reaction is forthcoming.



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