[northwestengland.pm] Donations to send-a-newbie for YAPC::EU::2010

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 15:05:22 GMT 2010

Last year many individuals and companies donated money to the 
send-a-newbie initiative run by Edmund von der Burg. It was a great 
success. At the end of last year Edmund approached the EPO with the task 
of organising a similar event this year as he was unable to because of 
other commitments.

Therefore I come to you all to ask you to donate once again to this 
excellent project, please make a donation at 
send-a-newbie.enlightenedperl.org (or send your donation to 
send-a-newbie at paypal.com (if you wish to make a donation in some other 
manner then please contact Mark at m.keating(at)shadowcat.co.uk)). If 
you made a donation last year, I thank you and would gratefully ask for 
you to do so once more.[1]

If you are new to this idea allow me a few moments to describe it.

The send-a-newbie scheme will allow people to attend a Perl conference 
(YAPC::EU for us, and this year YAPC::NA will have a scheme organised by 
the Perl Foundation) if:

a. they have never attended a YAPC/Major Perl event previously;
b. they are financially unable to do so;
c. they work in/study/use Perl.

The only changes we have made to the terms of entry this year is to 
broaden the scope. The Enlightened Perl Organisation members voted that 
we manage this initiative on the sole condition that it was open to all 
people regardless of age or circumstance (there were some minor 
restrictions in the previous year that did not reflect our requirements).

This year we will be listing our sponsors on the website to express our 
thanks[2] and because we believe in openess of information. A list of 
names will appear that people can admire and give respect[3]. If you 
would like to/do donate and don't want your name listed then please 
contact Mark or Rosellyne and let them know and they will ensure that 
you are not listed.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks-in-advance to those who are 
considering donating.

Kind regards


p.s. If you know of any list, forum where this information might be 
posted then I would kindly ask that you repeat it there.

[1] Please, please, pretty please on bended knees :)

[2] An almost exact opposite of name and shame.

[3] Also they can perhaps feel sickened that they were too jaded to 
support such a great idea [hint, hint].

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