[northwestengland.pm] IRC Server Software

Carl Johnstone carl.johnstone at gmgrd.co.uk
Thu Feb 18 15:55:40 GMT 2010

Smylers wrote:
> Or maybe we should be using something else instead of IRC?
> All suggestions and tips gratefully received.  Thanks.

Asumming you've got a linux box handy, there's probably going to be a 
package available that you just need to install. I've done that in the 
past - then it's just a matter of controlling access to the server. I'd 
argue it's possibly easier to setup VPNs than have to expose a whole bunch 
of different services and control access to them individually - but to some 
degreee it depends what you've already got setup.

However I ditched our internal server in favour of a channel on 
irc.perl.org. IRC already has enough basic ACLs in place, and what you're 
doing probably isn't that interesting for the IRC server admins to listen in 

You'll probably also want to adopt IM of some sort - most people are more 
familiar with it than IRC.


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