[northwestengland.pm] Automated testing …

AutoMagicMike automagicmike at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 1 22:01:44 GMT 2010

Hi, and hello from Leeds.
I’ve managed to get off my backside and made the switch from leeds.pm
to northwestengland.pm.

Automated testing …
Some of my colleagues are interested in automated testing for a
corporate website.  Hooray !

We are investigating, types of testing (code based / http based) and
trying to decided on the frameworks,  general approach etc.
We are looking for something flexible and platform agnostic.
I suspect “selenium” and Perl will be part of the solution but I don’t
want to rule anything out.

Is there anyone out there that is prepared to
a) explain  what tools they use standard / custom built or inhouse
b) to give a small demo, either via a webex or visit.

While tests are initially run by developers the final testers will
have very little/ no coding experience.

Any other information like screencasts etc would be handy too.

Thanks in advance


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