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Wed Jun 2 23:22:47 GMT 2010

Rich and Oliver,
Thanks for the suggestions.
I'll investigate further.

I did want to include some extras like w3c validation, some WCAG2,
JSLint, Spelling and the odd bussiness rule, so there will be a mix
between HTTP requests (Test::WWW::Mechanize) and selenium.

Thanks for your help


On 2 June 2010 14:13, Oliver Charles <oliver.g.charles at> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 11:01 PM, AutoMagicMike
> <automagicmike at> wrote:
>> Hi, and hello from Leeds.
>> I’ve managed to get off my backside and made the switch from
>> to
> Welcome :)
>> Automated testing …
>> Some of my colleagues are interested in automated testing for a
>> corporate website.  Hooray !
>> We are investigating, types of testing (code based / http based) and
>> trying to decided on the frameworks,  general approach etc.
>> We are looking for something flexible and platform agnostic.
>> I suspect “selenium” and Perl will be part of the solution but I don’t
>> want to rule anything out.
>> Is there anyone out there that is prepared to
>> a) explain  what tools they use standard / custom built or inhouse
>> b) to give a small demo, either via a webex or visit.
> I don't really have any material for a demo, but I can let you know
> what we do at MusicBrainz (which is small, but we're trying to grow
> it!) We have functional tests (not quite unit tests) for most of the
> backend code. We also have a suite of tests - one for each end point
> in our web server. We use Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst to act as a
> client and act like they would at this URL (or act how they shouldn't
> to test security/bugs).
> We have yet to address issues with JavaScript though. We do have a
> small set of JavaScript unit tests, but we need some larger
> integration testing and I imagine we'll end up with Selenium for this
> when we get some tuits.
> Hope this helps a bit, come down to the social in June and maybe you
> can prise some more knowledge out of the cleverer folks in this group
> :)
> --
>    Oliver Charles / aCiD2

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