[northwestengland.pm] upcoming hackday

gabi gabimuc at gmx.de
Tue Nov 16 19:28:07 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-16 at 17:51 +0000, Mark Keating wrote: 
> On 16/11/2010 07:03, gabi wrote:
> > hi guys,
> Hey there,

rehi mark,

heard and read quite a bit of and from you already. i'm curious meeting
you IRL at last. and everybody else of course <s>

> > i thought i introduce myself as well before saturday's showing up.
> >
> > i'm living in Munich, and i've been around IT for roughly 20 years,
> > spending the last 15 doing network and sysadmin stuff in heterogenous
> > networks. about a year ago i decided to turnaround and started a couple
> > of months ago as a SW QA engineer (what the role includes has to be
> > defined yet, though) in a company doing managed security services. the
> > backend of their security appliance is written purely in perl and runs
> > on a redhat platform.
> Sounds cool, and welcome to the hackday, good to see someone has 
> traveled so far to join us.

my pleasure :)

> > reading idn's weblog about last year's hackday sounded like fun and i
> > decided to sign up for it. as stated above, i'm not a SW developer and
> > won't produce productive code at hackday. but if you need help with
> > documentation, testing etc i could do that and other basic stuff.
> There is quite a lot of stuff listed that we are aiming to work on, from 
> the Ironman, to Oyster and Presenting Perl sites there is plenty of 
> stuff to do and you never know you might learn how to do something ;)

ah, might i? always thought life eq learning is true, anyway? but i
_might_ actually be wrong <grinningbroadly>

> > i'll arrive at friday evening and stay in the Penny Street Brige hotel.
> > if anyone want to join me for dinner and a couple of beers anywhere i'd
> > be delighted. would be nice to get to know some more faces beforehand :)
> I think Ian is going to try and meet you, mst is in America at the 
> moment but will be back on Friday so he may come out with Chris 
> (epitaph) as well. I will try and slip away for an hour after I have 
> finished getting the office stocked for Saturday. How long are you 
> staying for?

sounds great. hopefully, you guys will all get "permission"... ROFL

> > ps: you've got a defacing visitor at
> > http://www.nwewiki.markkeating.me.uk/index.php?title=Main_Page.
> > i reverted the changes, but in case you want to investigate....
> >
> Thanks for that, we should probably configure it to confirm email 
> address by an admin.

np. and yes, you should as far as my 2 cents are going. especially
regarding a page so widely populated 

> Regards
> Mark

cu, SHE-gabi aka gabimuc aka lurker ;Þ 

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