[northwestengland.pm] Fwd: Oyster and the Cloud conference in London

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 09:09:33 GMT 2010


Gabor++ reminded me about the Cloud conference in February in London.
(see FW'd thread)

I think it might be a great idea to have a booth, with information about:
  - Oyster (the ostensible reason for being at a Cloud conf)
  - Modern Perl
  - nwe.pm
  - EPO

My only doubt is whether it's a good idea to promote a very young
opensource project at a commercial conference.  (i.e., if it's not
really workable then, will people write it off?)

What do you think?  Perhaps we can talk about it on Saturday!  I'm up
for manning the stall for 1 or both days if other people are also


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From: Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com>
Date: 18 November 2010 06:24
Subject: Re: Oyster and the Cloud conference in London
To: Hakim Cassimally <hakim.cassimally at gmail.com>

hi Hakim,

no , it does not look grass-root but that's not bad. We just need
to be able to show a slightly higher level of "solutions".
Having a talk there would be nice but I am not sure it is possible at all.
As I can see we could have a Perl booth there for £305-£345 though it might
require more to have a build-up.

The Perl Ecosystem Group might be able to finance that price, unless
it turns out that
it is for square foot :-). Of course that would be only interesting if
there were people to
be at the booth and talk to the visitors.

I doubt I'll be able to make it there as it is just between my skiing
vacation and FOSDEM
but you might be able to find a few other people who might be interested.

Please discuss this at the hackathon and we can even talk about this
at the London Perl Workshop.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 1:40 AM, Hakim Cassimally
<hakim.cassimally at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Gabor,
> That sounds like a good idea - I've registered for the Cloud conference.
> Though it's free, it doesn't look like it's at all "grassroots" and
> there's no information about how to propose a talk - presumably the
> speakers are invited and/or already finalized?
> Cheers,
> Hakim / osfameron
> On 17 November 2010 23:01, Gabor Szabo <szabgab at gmail.com> wrote:
>> HI Hakim,
>> I saw your blog post mentioning the NorthWestEngland.pm hackday
>> and Oyster and cloud and the buzzword kicked in.
>> There is going to be a Cloud related conference in
>> London in February. IMHO it would be nice to present the solution
>> Perl has.
>> http://www.cloudexpoeurope.com/
>> What do you think?
>> Gabor

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