[northwestengland.pm] NWE.pm hackday notes!

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 11:18:49 GMT 2010

Hi all!

It was great to meet up with everyone on Saturday!  Really big thanks
again to Mark and Ian for nwe.pm for organizing, and Shadowcat for
sponsoring the day.

I'm planning to write-up the day's events, and especially progress on
Oyster, on blog, and I'll link to:


It'd be great if other people also have time to write up any notes --
whether on the day itself, the project in general, or on the
particular part of the project they were working on, and link to that
page too!  (If you don't have a blog, then just grab somewhere
sensible on the wiki, perhaps [[Hackday/2010/$YOUR_NICK]])


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