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Event Wax Sign-up:
http://nwe.eventwax.com/hackday-2010  <view-source:http://nwe.eventwax.com/=

The North West England Perl Mongers will once again be holding a =

hackathon in the month of November (Saturday 20th) and we invite all and =

sundry (or all and sundried) to attend either in person or via virtual =

presence using the aether and our channel. The event will start at =

10.30-11.00 a.m. (GMT) in the physical location, but may start at any =

time in the aether.

The event will once agin be hosted in a physical location at the =

Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster (UK) and all who attend that =

event will have access to a range of free snacks, beer and pizza. If you =

can only attend in a virtual manner we invite you to our chat chnanel, =

northwestengland.pm, on irc.perl.org where you will be warmly greeted.

The main project for this year will be Oyster, an idea suggested by =

osfameron that won the attention at our Lightning Talks meeting in =

September. But, we will also be hacking on the next iteration of the =

ironman/ironboy codebase (which includes perlanet at its core), the =

presentingperl codebase to include enhancements and updates and =

suggesting a bug-triage competition for Perl 5 bugs that can be =

undertaken by individuals or Perl Monger groups.

If you are interested in attending in person, or wish to attend =

virtually then please use the Event Wax sign-up linked to at the top of =

this discourse. We hope that as many people as possible will join in on =

this day so that we can burn the code trails. Please contact Mark (mdk) =

or Ian (idn) for more information and I hope to talk to you in channel =

and see you, either physically or meta-physically on the day.

Please feel free to distribute this information to as wide an audience =

as possible. This can include, mailing lists, groups or other interested =

parties. Thanks for your help.

Other useful links:
http://northwestengland.pm.org/  <view-source:http://northwestengland.pm.or=
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http://northwestengland.pm.org/meetings/023.html  <view-source:http://north=
westengland.pm.org/meetings/023.html>Meeting Information
http://www.nwewiki.markkeating.me.uk/index.php?title=3DMain_Page  <view-sou=
rce:http://www.nwewiki.markkeating.me.uk/index.php?title=3DMain_Page>  NWE.=
PM Wiki
im-so-low/  <view-source:http://greenokapi.net/blog/2010/09/17/oyster-proje=
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http://idn.per.ly/2010/07/10/ironman-the-project-and-the-hack-day/  <view-s=
ource:http://idn.per.ly/2010/07/10/ironman-the-project-and-the-hack-day/>  =
Ian Norton's blog on last year's Hackday

-Mark (mdk)

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