[northwestengland.pm] Hackday 2010 roundup and planning

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 09:41:51 GMT 2010


Really enjoyed the Hackday voting sessions (and not just because we
decided to go with Oyster ;-)  I thought they were nicely guided by
Mark and others, while feeling very consensus-driven).

Sheriff pointed out we don't have any posts on the mailing list about
it yet, so I thought I'd start this thread to gather links to
discussion about the evening, and start planning for the Hackday

  * Mark's writeup http://mdk.per.ly/2010/09/14/why-aim-so-low/
  * osfameron's writeup
( http://xrl.us/oysterproject )

With Oyster, the moment we have anything ready to deploy to the cloud,
we're going to need a... um... cloud ;-)
I guess some of the more sysadmin minded attendees might want to play
with building a small cloud during the hackday?  But in case we have
something ready beforehand, it'd be good to have something ready to

  * bottom line: I'll get an EC2 API key and pay the hosting for the
day at least
  * I've written to Jeff Barr (AWS), Allison Randall (Ubuntu), and
Simon Wardley (works a lot in Cloud space, ex-Fotango/ex-Ubuntu) to
see if they can sponsor/provide a dev cloud/etc.
  * any other ideas or sponsorship leads welcome ;-)


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