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Hi David

Some CV thoughts... (all intended as constructive):

   1. I think your Gmail avatar is better than the pic in the CV.
   2. It's generally considered best to put your quallies and experience in
   reverse chronological order. But yours is a one-page CV so maybe it does=
   matter as much.
   3. Maybe you should put a bit of intro next to the Online English Chrome
   web store widget so folks know what they're likely to get before they cl=
   on it. Also, are those two links both pointing to the same thing?
   4. ...OK, you have put "Chrome app" next to them... I'd go to something
   like ten words such as "The Chrome app I created to help you learn Engli=
   online". And just use the shortlink. There's no point bothering to creat=
e a
   shortlink, then putting the massive original link next to it. Try for an
   edited shortlink such as '' too if your shortening
   service allows you to choose your own. You've done so well on making your
   CV concise and punchy it's a shame to whack that massive link in. Also, I
   was scanning the CV - which your slimmed-down CV helps a lot with - and I
   thought it was two examples of work, until I read it again.
   5. I've only checked out one of your websites, namely Lazy Daisy's, and
   I can't see how to make the Tripadvisor popup go away. Can you sort that
   out? (Presumably your friend and client Tony will be OK with this but I'd
   mention it obviously!) NB I'm using Firefox on Windows 7... (not Win out=
   6. Have you misspelt Oxenholme?
   7. Last thing... I hope you have actually applied for the job through
   the correct channels by now!

All in all I think your CV has many fine qualities which mine lacks. Such
as brevity, content and a track record of creating lots of websites in

Best of luck.


On 21 February 2013 11:43, David Dand <gsn2dd at> wrote:

> Maybe I was just using my initiative - someone my have some work for me :)
> On 21 February 2013 11:40, Dave Page <grimoire at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 11:36:52AM +0000, David Dand wrote:
>> > I enclose a CV for the following position:
>> >
>> > Perl Developer (Perl, MySQL, LAMP) - Manchester - =A345,000
>> Dear Dave,
>> I'm sorry to inform you that your application for this position has been
>> declined due to your inability to read and follow the application
>> instructions.
>> To whit, you have sent your CV to an e-mail list for Perl fans, rather
>> than to the application address, and have left the job reference out of
>> the e-mail subject line.
>> Better luck next time!
>> Dave
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