[northwestengland.pm] Perl Job in Hale

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Wed May 15 12:38:20 GMT 2019

SABS in Hale, Cheshire are looking for a Perl Developer to join their team.

They have got at least four already all sat around a table in their 
Cecil Road headquarters, maintaining a Perl App consisting of a Perl 
backend, with old CGI files as the front end...there's a lack of Modern 
Perl, and instead of moving to Modern Perl, there's a plan of maybe to 
move to JavaScript, but they don't know for sure. They need Perl coders 
to maintain, develop and evolve their system. They are also happy to 
teach their Perl coders Node.js too, and ReactJS, if they want to expand 
their skills and move with them to some JavaScript future.

If you just google Perl and Altrincham, you get a variety of different 
agencies advertising the position, and here's one such advert:

The actual company is sabstt.com and if you phone the number on the 
sabstt website and enquire about Perl jobs,
they give you the managing director (Brian)'s email address and you can 
go direct if you wish.


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