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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Sat Oct 24 02:42:58 GMT 2009

On Saturday 24 Oct 2009 01:16:39 Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was going to publish my git repository so people could know where I
> was with this right now, but I've been asked not to do that, so I guess
> I can't ask anybody to base their patches off of my tree unless they
> mail me off-list and promise not to put their clone on github.
> I'm trying to decide what to do with the /tutorials/ page and the
> several patches about that which we've had here and can't really keep
> straight what is happening.  There's a patch from Shlomi, then a
> refactor by Chris, then comments on that, and somewhere this
> href="./localized/" slipped in, which AFAICT is a broken link.
> But, the page I had at learnperl.scratchcomputing.com/tutorials/ is
> planned for a series of on-site tutorials (the goal being to have some
> consistency.)   What should I do with the list of offsite tutorials
> with regard to that?

An easy solution would be to move either Chris' and mine /tutorials/ to 
somewhere else or to move your page to somewhere else. One option would be 
/tutorials/on-site/ or something. 

> I also see one patch from leo for index.html.  That makes more sense,
> but I'm planning to get rid of "So, you want to learn perl?" and move
> all of the books to a /books.html page.  Not sure whether to patch the
> patch or what.

Wouldn't /books/ be a better option as far as future planning is concerned?

> Please let me know if I've missed anything or if anyone knows
> where "tutorials/localized/index.html" is.

It is here:


Nothing much there except links to a French tutorial and to a tutorial in 
Hebrew. The Website Meta Lang source for this page is here:


(Sorry for the broken link).

It would be easy to add to the patch assuming Combust has no problem hosting a 
page two-directory-components deep (which I haven't checked). But I'm still 
waiting for Chris to incorporate my input for his version of my patch. I 
suppose I can do it on my own, and incorporate the /tutorials/localized/ as I 


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