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Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 19:01:46 GMT 2009

# from Eric Wilhelm
# on Tuesday 27 October 2009 14:00:

>>Could use a bit of clarification--do you mean to move /tutorials/ to
>>/tutorial-links/ and bring Eric's content in wholesale under
>>/tutorials/ ?
>I would like to have /tutorials/index.html be a fairly coherent
>sequence.  Of course, the 6 tutorials I'm writing don't fill the
>spectrum, so I think there's room to work off-site links into the
>sequence (or adding on-site content.)  There is also room to break-out
>topic sections (e.g. XML, catalyst, wx/gtk/tk/qt, modperl, Inline, XS)
>as a section at the bottom of the index.

I'm also pondering how/whether to list the tutorials on the front page.  
This page needs a little more content, but not too much content.


One thought is to have a short paragraph about how the tutorials are 
organized and reduce the links to categories (e.g. beginner, 
intermediate, web, gui, and other specifics.)  Possibly having one 
tutorial link under each category.  As I picture it, the categories 
would land at anchors in /tutorials/index.html.


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