[Perl-org-patches] learn.perl.org front page

Chris Nehren apeiron at cpan.org
Thu Oct 29 03:15:07 GMT 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:01:46 -0700 , Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> # from Eric Wilhelm
> # on Tuesday 27 October 2009 14:00:
> >>Could use a bit of clarification--do you mean to move /tutorials/ to
> >>/tutorial-links/ and bring Eric's content in wholesale under
> >>/tutorials/ ?
> >
> >I would like to have /tutorials/index.html be a fairly coherent
> >sequence.  Of course, the 6 tutorials I'm writing don't fill the
> >spectrum, so I think there's room to work off-site links into the
> >sequence (or adding on-site content.)  There is also room to break-out
> >topic sections (e.g. XML, catalyst, wx/gtk/tk/qt, modperl, Inline, XS)
> >as a section at the bottom of the index.
> I'm also pondering how/whether to list the tutorials on the front page.  
> This page needs a little more content, but not too much content.
>   http://learnperl.scratchcomputing.com/
> One thought is to have a short paragraph about how the tutorials are 
> organized and reduce the links to categories (e.g. beginner, 
> intermediate, web, gui, and other specifics.)  Possibly having one 
> tutorial link under each category.  As I picture it, the categories 
> would land at anchors in /tutorials/index.html.
> Thoughts?

I think that it would be easier to proceed with what we have *now* and
put up an improved section of the site for learning Perl. Then, as your
work completes, we can integrate it as appropriate. I suppose what I'm
really saying is: finish your work, and in the meantime we'll publish
pointers to what we already have.

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

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