[Catalyst-dev] Patch for C::P::Session::State::Cookie

islue islue.hu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 19:12:49 CEST 2006

I roughly know how cookie works.
I had situation that lynx would croak when I baked a cookie with path
attribution '/abc' under a request of path '/'.
But I haven't confirmed it again.

2006/8/3, Brandon Black <blblack at gmail.com>:

> The point isn't to limit when/if we bake the cookie.  The "path" attribute
> of a cookie tells the browser what paths to send it back to us for.  So if
> you have a cookie called "session_id", and your app is at
> http://myhost/catapp, and there's another application hosted at
> http://myhost/otherapp which also has a "session_id" cookie, you'll
> definitely need this to avoid them stepping on each other.  If the root of
> the domain ( http://myhost/) and everything beneath it is all served just
> by your Catalyst app, then I guess one wouldn't care about it.
> -- Brandon
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