[Catalyst-dev] catamoose status

Enno van Amerongen enno at tty.nl
Mon Dec 15 10:59:44 GMT 2008

Tomas Doran wrote:
> On 12 Dec 2008, at 14:49, Enno van Amerongen wrote:
>> I'm currently in the process of selecting an MVC framework for a 
>> rather larger site that needs to be re-factored. I've looked at 
>> several frameworks, but right now Catamoose seems the most promising.
>> There is just one major concern, is the current Moose port of 
>> Catalyst (5.8000_04) already production ready, or are there still big 
>> parts on the todo list?
>> So, in essence, would you advice me to already start using Catamoose, 
>> or not?
> Catalyst 5.80 (aka Catamoose) is getting more ready each day, but I 
> wouldn't suggest using it in a production environment _just yet_. I 
> am, however, using it to do all of my development with, and it's not 
> too far off.
> Catalyst 5.70 is perfectly useable / stable, and any app made which 
> uses 5.70 should work fine under 5.80 once it is released.
> What is specifically pushing you to want to use 5.80 over 5.70?
> Cheers
> t0m
Thanks for the reply, Tom.

I'm looking at 5.8, as we're looking into using Moose to help build all 
the needed classes. I'm guessing that Catamoose in combination with 
Moose classes would have a smaller memory footprint and maybe have 
better performance as well.

Gotta admit that this is guesswork right now though.


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