[Catalyst-dev] website designs

Kiki kiki at bsdro.org
Sat Jan 19 20:13:27 GMT 2008

J. Shirley wrote:
>     As for content management, I'm leaning towards using MovableType OS
>     for the main site, and then a MojoMojo install for the rest of the
>     wiki.  I also wonder if it would be prudent to have a forum setup. 
>     I know we have a mailing list, and that is definitely the
>     geek-preferred method, but it may not hurt to have forums... and
>     Parley is a Catalyst app that does just that, so it may be a good
>     "marketing" move.

I agree with the need of a CMS for a "main" site along with a wiki 
(MojoMojo or the existing trac one) ... as for forums, put some up and 
see if they get used.

>     I've been playing around a lot with MovableType just to see (which
>     has been a distraction from finishing my docpage project, stagnating
>     at http://catsite.toeat.com/docs/Catalyst-Manual-Intro.html
>     <http://catsite.toeat.com/docs/Catalyst-Manual-Intro.html>) and I
>     think it fits the bill for static/moderated content.  I just wonder
>     how much of that is necessary with the docpage project though.  The
>     hosted blogs are nice, but how many people are really going to be
>     interested in using it?

AFAIK, most people involved with Catalyst either use vox or host their 
own blog (Angerwhale or smth like that). I think a CMS that generates 
static content would fit the bill. No need for fancy stuff like hosted 

> So, what I want to do is put together an official technical marketing 
> team.  I want to have regular meetings (weekly, I think) that can just 
> be scrum style (This is what I want to do, this is when I am going to 
> finish [so feel free to nag me], and this is what is blocking me from 
> doing it).
> Thoughts?  Volunteers?

I'm up for it, mainly for maintaining the website.

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