[Catalyst] [Task] http://catalyst.perl.org needs a frontpage!

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Mon Oct 10 15:53:25 CEST 2005

Am 10.10.2005 um 15:14 schrieb Danijel Milicevic:
> I'd go with that design, it looks professional, is full compat to any
> browser I can think off and only needs a more meaningful image for the
> "splash" section.

What would be more meaningful?

> I'd prefer to see the following on the frontpage:
> 1) news ticker - announcements, links to catalyst-related  
> announcements
> (dbix, tt2, ..)
> 2) svn ticker - showing the latest revisions and (hopefully  
> meaningful)
> commit msgs
> 3) spotlight - a small section that shows a webapplication that was
> built using Catalyst, would be a nice way to promote the users apps
> (like that lovely list-reader)
> 4) featuring - another small section featuring one of Catalysts
> capabilities and exemplary use of it.
> 5) status - since we're seperating engines from core for 5.5/ 
> refactored
> branch, it would be good to enlist the engines we support and their
> current version on the frontpage.
> .. and so on.

Should we really make our frontpage a Catalyst app?
I'd prefer it to be static i guess, would improve our chances to  
survive a slashdot...

> All of those suggestions are small things that should go with a good
> introduction article and maybe a nice graphic that visualizes the
> control-flow and the MVC implementation of Catalyst.

Like the one we have in Trac?


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