[Catalyst] User Generated Content (project collaboration)

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 04:29:35 CEST 2006

Is this something like HTML::Widget but more so?  I'd be very interested to see what comes out of this since I've never been happy with HTML::Widget really, athough I guess there is a new release out very shortly.  The main reason I am still using it is because of the DBIx plugin for it that really cuts down on boilerplate code.

I've been building a layout system based on subrequest where each page region is a subrequest to a portlet-like controller, that way I can do AJAX style bindings but also support full page refreshes if necessary.  I'd be happy to contribute the code if it was useful.

Anyway, seems like there is a lot of interest in the parent idea.  Maybe it's time for all of us to meetup on IRC something to discuss?  That way we can all get out our ideas and what we have already done and see if it fits together.

With catalyst growing so fast I definitely see the possibility of several teams reinventing several wheels, which would be a great shame.  --john

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Dennis Daupert wrote:
> */Roman <roman at fili.ca>/* wrote:
>  > I have an idea for a great Catalyst based project that can
>  > really show the power of Catalyst and spawn some extra
>  > projects from this and give Catalyst some coverage.
> I think the time is right. I've tracked other recent posts (*Sigh. How 
> do we get on this list?*) and going back to the Christmas 'Wish List' A 
> number of people have expressed interest/desire in creating/using 
> Catalyst to provide a cafeteria of web site components. Catalyst has 
> been maturing to the point that IMHO it's time to build the 
> "portals-in-a-box"
> I, too, have been working on similar ideas, and would very much like to 
> play. I have some rough draft web widgets I'd hoped to have up on the 
> internet this past weekend, but life intervened. It should be up soon, 
> tho. I'll be very happy to contribute any code I've put together. In my 
> usual 'Creative Ambivalence' fashion I have several different directions 
> in mind all at once for a 'configurable web portal' toolset that range 
> from development team tools thru CMS thru ecommerce.

We have a sane set of widget classes which integrate effectiely with normal 
Catalyst usage already on the build, combined with a way of handling 
controller layout that makes *-in-a-box bolt-ons much easier; expect a public 
release in a week or three.

Once that's done we'd be interested in feedback as to whether this would be a 
suitable basis for this sort of project; it's certainly going to be for our 
future re-usable application components but you guys may have something 
different in mind, at which point we'd be happy to refactor to ensure it works 

I've been keeping fairly quiet about this so far because we don't want to make 
people stop work while they wait for our stuff to turn up, but I'm pretty 
confident we'll have something out in the open by YAPC::EU, so any of you 
who're coming to the Catalyst BoF session there should start making notes so 
we can have a proper discussion of this sort of thing in person.

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