[Catalyst] How to implement constructors in models?

Maxim Cherniavsky maxim at comstar.ru
Sun Jan 15 16:58:20 CET 2006

Hi all
I have a problem of calling constructors in my model, in the 
documentation is written:
You can easily create Models that wrap existing modules - simply create 
a module with the contents:

 package Tutorial::Model::FooBar;
 use base qw/Catalyst::Base Your::Module::Goes::Here/;
But how will be called Your::Module::Goes::Here::new() ?
Catalyst::Base use NEXT to call next constructor, but this makes no 
sense due to constructor in the Class::Accessor::new
How can I solve this problem?


Best regards,
                                         Maxim Cherniavsky
                                         mailto: maxim (at) comstar.ru 

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