[Catalyst] Authentication::Store::DBIC works undermyapp_server.pl but not Apache/mod_perl

Rodney Broom rbroom+catalyst at rbroom.com
Thu Jul 27 17:52:52 CEST 2006

From: "Kevin Old" <kevinold at gmail.com>

> I've had this same error message several times before.  Usually I need
> to upgrade one or all of the modules related to this.

Eee, I never like upgrading as a trouble shooting measure. I don't mind if I know there's a solution in the upgrade. Also, Authentication and Authentication::Store::DBIC are brand new as of yesterday.

Some debugging is yeilding more clues. Under myapp_server.pl, the address of $config->{auth} stays the same from DBIC::setup_finished() to DBIC::User::new(). Under apache, the ref changes.

That is to say:
- myapp_server.pl
  DBIC::setup_finisheded() config->{auth} [HASH(0x8a46740)]
  DBIC::User config->{auth} [HASH(0x8a46740)]

- Apache
  DBIC::setup_finished() config->{auth} [HASH(0x8b26838)]
  DBIC::User::new() config->{auth} [HASH(0x9368668)]

The results is that config->{auth}->{user_class} is back to the string 'Main::User' instead of the ResultSet that it was when leaving setup_finished()

Rodney Broom

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