[Catalyst] RFC: HTML::Widget / Ajax / Catalyst

Matija Grabnar matija at literal.si
Thu May 4 22:54:37 CEST 2006

 > If you make an ajax call for each form field, then you
> need to code individual field checks on the server
> side, and you still want/need the ability to check a
> form in one call.  This has a tendency to violate the
> DRY priciple.
Maybe, maybe not.
If someone writes a module that enables you to declare the tests to 
perform on the fields, and then the module does what it can in 
client-side javascript, the rest in AJAX calls to server-side perl, and 
everything again once the form gets submitted (to catch people who are 
malicious or simply didn't have javscript enabled) then you only need to 
write the validation declarations once, and the module will do the rest.

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