[Catalyst] Editor files, .svn etc. accidental loading by Catalyst; also, non-standard component structure

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri May 12 22:52:05 CEST 2006

setup_components is scheduled for a rework soon.

As part of this, I'd like to be able to fix Cat's accidental loading of 
editor files, svn files, and similar stuff. However, I'm going to need 
tests, regexes and general dev help for this. I know a number of people 
have asked about it and discussed the feasibility of providing a patch 
for Module::Pluggable::Fast; part of the rework plan includes ripping 
this out for something saner so please don't try that; instead, get on 
catalyst-dev at lists.rawmode.org and reply here indicating your 
willingness to help.

I'm also interested in making "load everything under 
MyApp::(M|Model|V|View|C|Controller" the default rather than the only 
way, to allow different directly layouts and subclasses of Catalyst to 
add new component types. Again, anybody interested in this and willing 
to help out reply here and subscribe to catalyst-dev@ please

If you want either of these features, think hard about whether you can 
help - I don't desperately need either so if nobody volunteers you 
probably won't get 'em any time soon :)

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