[Catalyst] problem deploying with apache

Fernan Aguero fernan at iib.unsam.edu.ar
Tue Sep 5 20:27:01 CEST 2006


I've got a little catalyst test app that I want to move to
apache. In my httpd.conf I added the following:

<IfModule perl_module>
PerlSwitches    -I/home/fernan/proyectos/portfolio/database/Portfolio/lib
PerlModule      Portfolio

<Location /portfolio/>
        SetHandler              mod_perl
        PerlResponseHandler     Portfolio

Now, apache is restarted normally, and when I call the
http://localhost/portfolio URL, catalyst is loaded fine
(debug output to /var/log/http-error.log similar to that
produced by running the testapp_server.pl). However, I don't
get the expected default page for my app but this error

Not Found

The requested URL /portfolio/ was not found on this server.

And this line in the httpd-error.log:

[Tue Sep 05 15:11:26 2006] [error] [client]
File does not exist: /usr/local/www/apache22/data/testapp/

(/usr/local/www/apache22/data/ is my DocumentRoot)

I don't know why apache it's looking under the DocRoot.

Is this an apache conf issue? Or a catalyst issue? I'm
inclined to think the former, since an almost identical
configuration for trac on mod_python works fine
(accessing http://host/trac works as expected, and there's
no 'trac' dir/file under DocRoot).

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance,


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