[Catalyst] Hats off and some Clarifications.

Dister Kemp dister.kemp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 16:34:22 GMT 2007

Hi Catalyst Team,

    Hats off on great work with the framework. I am a total novice
and so far the learning has been really rewarding. Thanks

I do have a few clarifications at this instance in time. If you can
help me out with the same it would help me out in toto.

I was going through the getting started for Catalyst and Ruby on Rails.
This reference article on RoR

claims that it does automatic generation of HTML forms and other
Database scripts. (to an extent). They call it scaffolding.

Is this possible with Catalyst? If so to what extent and how?

   Also I see references in many Catalyst info pages -
   which mention about
   DB handling done via Class::DBI or the latest DBIx:Class.
   Also other mentions are Catalyst::Enzyme for things
   like Form Validation.
   - CRUD Framework in Catalyst is provided by Catalyst::Enzyme
     It says Form Validation is also in there, but not clear
     what all it includes. ( Data::FormValidator )

Can you please clarify on this concept? Thanks.

Specially how far can we go with things like
automanagement of the Database integrated from
a HTML view which involves Field validation.
eg. If a table has a Date field and that field
    gets displayed on a HTML Form View, then the
    user should be able to enter only proper
    dates in that Date field in the Form.

    Does Catalyst or any plugins enable this?

Appreciate all your inputs.

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