[Catalyst] Re: [Catalyst-dev] [RFC] ditch svn

Adam Jacob adam at stalecoffee.org
Wed Apr 18 17:07:24 GMT 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 11:21 PM, Jonathan Rockway wrote:

> I think it's pretty clear that Subversion is a failure for our  
> project.  We
> use topic branches heavily, and that's just not something svn (or  
> really svk)
> is designed for.
> I hearby propose that we switch to git.  I envision each project in  
> trunk to
> be a separate repository.  That will allow us to easily manage commit
> permissions, and keep branches sane (branching Catalyst-Runtime  
> need not
> affect Catalyst-Plugin-Foobar).  I'm willing to setup and  
> administer All
> Things Git if we decide to switch.

Why not just reorganize trunk?  The fact that every project hosted in  
Catalyst repository is all under a single repository is perhaps your  
real issue.

Something like:


Would probably make more sense, in terms of repository management.   
It would
also solve the permissions issues.


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