[Catalyst] improving usability / doc

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Fri Aug 17 01:10:11 GMT 2007

Adam Bartosik wrote:
> How many people decided to take different framework just because
> catalyst doc still.... sucks?
"Sucks" is somewhat hurtful to the many contributers, but whatever, I
see what you mean.

There has been talk of putting the POD on our site and making it look
nicer (search.cpan.org's navigation sucks).  There has been talk of
taking good articles from Planet Catalyst and giving them cleanup and a
permanent home.  There has been talk of putting the Planet Catalyst feed
on the main site.  There has been talk of completely revamping the
design.  There has been talk of getting a team of happy wikignomes to
polish up the wiki.

The recurring theme is that /this is all talk/. 

Someone needs to Just Fucking Do It.  Implement the things above, and
I'll buy you a case of your favorite beer.  If someone commits, I will
move up the mojomojo migration on my priority list, so we can have some
decent software running the wiki.  

With gnomes to tend the wiki, the upcoming book, prettyified API docs,
and a front page with more information, I think we'll have the best
offering of any framework.  Momentum is what we need, and right now
there is none.  We need someone to commit to getting this stuff done (or
even starting!) some time before the heat death of the Universe.  So the
deal is, if you do this stuff, I will give you beer (is $50 reasonable? 
it is to me). 

I will help out with anything that doesn't involve HTML or design.  Let
me know what you need, and I will help you get it.  Others share the
same sentiment.

Let's do this.

Jonathan Rockway

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