[Catalyst] improving usability / doc

Adam Bartosik adam.bartosik at hurra.com
Fri Aug 17 09:58:33 GMT 2007

>      > How many people decided to take different framework just because
>      > catalyst doc still.... sucks?
>     "Sucks" is somewhat hurtful to the many contributers, but whatever, I
>     see what you mean.

Thanks - it is just what I think when I see flexibility of Catalyst 
compared eg. to Rails (=lots of doc & hype but sometimes it lacks quite 
simple functionality). In other words - Catalyst is much more better 
than first feelings when you look at doc pages.

> Here's the mockup that I'm working on:
> http://staff.toeat.com/~jshirley/Catalyst/NewSite/

It is like newer freebsd.org, some changes and it can be such 
centralized start point of Catalyst world :)

> I agree with Jonathan, lets JFDI.

I see the point - I don't want to complain but just make things better. 
I will send you my remarks and work on new site, probably the first is 
POD converter to make doc pages better.

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