[Catalyst] CMS

Simon Wilcox simonw at digitalcraftsmen.net
Thu Aug 23 15:13:44 GMT 2007

Cory Watson wrote:
> Next year I will have a need for a CMS that:
>  - multi-user
>  - tracks changes
>  - allows previewing
>  - is perl
>  - doesn't impose a templating system
>  - extensible
>  - is open source
>  - works with my cat site

If you want sledgehammers, Bricolage and Krang are probably the beefiest 
ones you can find :-)

www.bricolage.cc & www.krangcms.com

They'll do all that you want (less perhaps a certain amount of 
flexibility in the templating dept) but could well be overkill.

I'm not aware of any lighter tools but would be very happy to find one.


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