[Catalyst] C::P::Authentication IE Problem - Time Issue

Mitchell Jackson mitch.lists at onsitesquad.com
Tue Aug 28 00:03:13 GMT 2007

I was experiencing a weird annoyance with C::P::Authentication today.  I 
saw reports of similar symptoms in the list, but nobody with my 
particular solution.  In Firefox everything was working fine, but in all 
the IE browsers auth cookies weren't being stored.  Eventually I grabbed 
a HTTP Session inspector to see how the cookies were being set.  The 
expire time on the cookies was sent as GMT several hours in the past.  
Seeing this, I was a bit amazed firefox was storing the cookies at all.  
The time on the server had slipped back about half a day.  An update to 
my server's ntp config and everything was back to normal.

My lesson for today is:  Catalyst is smarter than me!  ^^

As a side note, is there a way to control the session length of the 
authentication cookie?

Kind Regards,


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