[Catalyst] Using Workflow with Catalyst (was Making Controllers thin and Models thick)

Ian Docherty catalyst at iandocherty.com
Tue Jul 24 21:33:15 GMT 2007

John Napiorkowski wrote:
> -
>> ...
>> It's an awful horrible piece of shit.
>> Class::Workflow was written by
>> our very own Yuvla Kogman to replace it and works
>> very nicely with Catalyst.
>>     =

> Matt,
> I'd appreciate when you have a little time if you
> could share some more detailed thoughts on this, since
> I was literally just about to start typing code
> related to workflow and your message stopped me in my
> tracks. =

> I originally thought to experiment with Workflow over
> Class::Workflow because it seemed to have a little
> more active development and examples as well as more
> development in the persistence area.  Since I am a
> newbie to the area I am likely to need to play with it
> quite a bit before I am able to usefully contribute so
> I am looking for the most feature complete and
> supported system.  However I am very interested in
> learning a system and hopefully contributing usefully
> to it, particularly as it can relate to Catalyst
> development.
> Thanks!
> --John
I think we are both at about the same position. If you wish to share =

experiences and discuss Class::Workflow (or Workflow) then please drop =

me a private email and we can perhaps work through this together.

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