[Catalyst] Auth plugin for mod_auth_tkt

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Wed Jun 6 23:09:32 GMT 2007

Good morning,

On 6/6/07 at 4:28 PM -0500, Peter Karman <peter at peknet.com> wrote:

>I also use mod_auth_tkt. I submitted a patch to the author 
>several weeks ago that makes it easier to get at the internal 
>cookie values via Apache::AuthTkt. You might want to post to 
>that list and nudge him to release a new version to CPAN. It'll 
>probably make your plugin much easier to write.
>Are you planning this plugin to work with the existing Session::* stuff?

Ha, I didn't even know about that module. I don't think it 
existed when I first wrote all my mod_auth_tkt code (years ago). 
And I will do as you suggest and post to their list. In the 
meantime would you willing to share your patch?

I hadn't worked out the Session::* stuff yet. At the very least 
I expect I will need a separate cookies for mod_auth_tkt and sessions.

So I'm back to my original query, does anyone know of any HOWTOs 
for creating Authentication plugins?


    Charlie Garrison  <garrison at zeta.org.au>
    PO Box 141, Windsor, NSW 2756, Australia

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