[Catalyst] Adding DBIC schema causes TT error

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Wed Jun 20 07:49:11 GMT 2007

On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 04:32:27PM +1000, Charlie Garrison wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I've run into a problem that I can't make any progress with; 
> hoping someone might be able offer suggestions.
> Development was moving along nicely and then I suddenly got the 
> following error in a response:
>     Couldn't render template "file error - welcome.tt2: not found"
> The only thing I could find that would stop the error was 
> removing the last DBIC schema class that I added to 
> load_classes. Since I couldn't see anything obviously wrong with 
> the class/module, I tried duplicating a known good class and 
> renaming it. When I add that class I get the same error. I 
> tested with a variety of different modules and the only 
> consistency I could find was that adding one more class caused 
> the above error.
> I tried changing the order of classes loaded and the problem persists.
> I leave the new class in place and remove one of the existing 
> classes, and the problem disappears. There seems to be a maximum 
> limit on the number of classes I can have loaded. I'm only at 19 
> classes and I find it hard to believe that would be a limit. So...

Most probable cause:

You've got a mistyped $c->model(...) or c.model(...) declaration somewhere
which is falling through to Catalyst's regex search, and -was- originally
finding the right class because of that but the addition of the extra class
has caused the hash order for the search to change and now you aren't.

Likely candidates are either a typo or missing DB:: off a DB::Foo-style
DBIC::Schema model reference.

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