[Catalyst] plat_forms report published on June 20th. 2007. Geneva team on Catalyst wins the Perl track.

Daniel McBrearty danielmcbrearty at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 17:35:31 GMT 2007

hate to admit it, but perl took a hammering in terms of the
completeness of solutions thing, maybe the most important metric. see
the charts on page 13.

You might see it that seperating the code from the html takes a little
longer, but gives you a better architecture. I wonder how it would
work it if thise apps needed to be maintained and evolved over several

even so, it's a bit disappointing.

On 6/20/07, Alvar Freude <alvar at a-blast.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> -- "Dami Laurent (PJ)" <laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch> wrote:
> > The results and final report of the "Plat_forms" international
> > programming contest were released yesterday in a press conference in
> > Nuremberg, and will be published today June 20th, 2007 on
> > http://www.plat-forms.org/.
> the results are now online (until now not linked from the start page):
>   <http://www.plat-forms.org/2007/documents/platformsTR.pdf>
> I think we should publish this as wide as possible and always should
> mention the pros of the Perl teams (smallest code, easy to extend; see
> summaries beginning on pages 75 and 67).
> I submitted a story on slashdot (text see below), perhaps they will take
> it. Others may do the same, or submit something similar on other websites.
> Ciao
>   Alvar
> Text of my /. submission:
> (Hmmm, it would be better if I mentioned the Free University of Berlin as
> author of the study, sounds better ;-) )
> The <a
> href="http://www.plat-forms.org/2007/documents/platformsTR.pdf">results
> and final report</a> of the <a
> href="http://www.plat-forms.org/">Plat_Forms</a> international web
> programming contest were published today. For each of the categories
> Perl, PHP and Java, three teams of three people each competed to produce
> a comprehensive "social networking" application in just 30 hours.
> <strong>A short summary of the results:</strong> The Perl teams produced
> the most compact code and their solutions are very easy to extend. One
> Java team produced by far the most complete solution overall, the other
> two by far the most incomplete ones. The Java solutions are very hard to
> extend. The PHP teams used no autogenerated files, resisted SQL injection
> attempts and created the most similar solutions. There are also some <a
> href="http://alvar.a-blast.org/plat_forms/">pictures of the teams</a> and
> you can guess what language they are using ...
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