[Catalyst] Shared Host Setup

Mesdaq, Ali amesdaq at websense.com
Mon Nov 19 20:25:37 GMT 2007

So I tired something I been meaning to test out. So I created a vmware
image of freebsd and created the full path I would have on my shared
host and downloaded and installed perl to that path. Then I ran cpan
downloading every module I needed for catalyst using the new perl I just
built. Then I uploaded that perl directory to my host and ran all my
scripts with that as the path to perl. 

Catalyst looks like its working fine. So far no issues. Can anyone think
of a reason why this would not be a good alternative setup option on
shared hosts?

Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher II
Websense Security Labs

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Myself and I am sure many others would really appreciate a howto on
using local-lib. I have suspicion that it won't work in all setups on
shared hosts. But this is a case where I would LOVE to be wrong.




Ali Mesdaq

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On Nov 1, 2007 2:06 PM, Mesdaq, Ali <amesdaq at websense.com> wrote:



            Been working on setting up Catalyst on a shared host and I
have to say its been pretty painful. Been trying to use the default
install on the host and add the modules I need but came across the
suggestion to install a new version of perl and that helped a lot. But
the host I am using ( aplus.net) has pretty strict setup as opposed to
dreamhost having a more open setup so its making it even harder. But it
seems like everything else works good except Module::Build. It seems
like you need to have root to install that module. I keep getting errors
that are related to chdir and it not figuring out what directory its
built in and permissions issues. 


            So my question is what are my options? Changing hosts is not
an option. Is there a way I can cleanly and reliably build it on a
system that I do have root access like a freebsd vmware image and then
move it over? Would par be a good option for something like that? I
wonder if its possible to just build a portable custom install of perl
with all catalyst modules and everything on a machine with root access
and just tar and move the whole install. I mean I did build the initial
perl install on the vm image because I was getting errors with building
on the shared host but I didn't want to build all the modules there
because I thought it might not be a reliable way of setting up the




Use local::lib


(I'd actually be happy to do an advent article on installing catalyst
under local::lib if there was any interest) 








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