[Catalyst] Catalyst Unicode woes ctd.

Matthias Zeichmann matthias at volltext.net
Tue Oct 2 16:58:09 GMT 2007

hi list,

i built a simple testapp based on what i presumed "best
practices" in Catalyst for unicode handling were:
C:P:Unicode in main app; use utf8 in controllers that actually have
utf8 characters in them, ENCODING => 'utf8' in C:V:TT. also
charset=utf-8 is explicitly specified in the content-type headers.

still the output is pretty much broken; i got a template with german
umlauts and an insert directive that inserts another template with
ümläüts inserted [%- INSERT ins.tt -%]

which yields:
ümläüts inserted Nö!

prove -l t t/04utf8.t fails at that test with perl 5.9.5 (same with 5.8.6/5.8.8)

for editing files vim is used (:set encoding=utf-8)
Catalyst::Runtime 5.7010
Template 2.19

theres not much hair to pull left :/
i am pretty sure i am missing something simple here; with that tiny
test app its unlikely to be a mix of encodings though

you can download the testapp at

thx for your consideration
siggen.pl: Segmentation Fault

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