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Rodrigo rodrigolive at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 18:50:07 GMT 2008

Question: how do I write a small controller class that will directly
delegate the request to Mason? You know, so Mason can search under a given
path (say "/mason") for its components, dhandlers, autohandlers, <%args> and
other typical Mason syntax without having to write
"...->{template}=3D'xxxxxx.mas' every time.

I was quite sure I've seen that example somewhere, but google just won't
take me there today. Maybe it never existed or it's not quite doable...

Backstory: I'm migrating a somewhat complicated legacy Mason app. The thing
is that we want the Mason app to run within the Catalyst umbrella, say under
root/mason, while migrating other parts to MVC and TT. We don't want to
separate both Catalyst and Mason parts at the Apache conf level. Neither we
want to run a Controller for each Mason component, and start stashing
<%args>, rewriting handler logic, because that would take us a loooot of
work. We want Catalyst to be daddy, but Mason to be free.


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