[Catalyst] Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Gerda Shank gs364 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 12 15:08:57 BST 2008

> (1) http://www.browsing.co.uk/cat
I like this one the best. The major gray/red choice is good, but I think 
that a different choice of secondary colors and some selection of 
styling elements to integrate into the rest of the page would help. I 
don't like these two greens with the red and gray.  Not sure about the 
amount of red text either--might be better with just red headings?  
Carrying over some red is good, though. Muffin and salt and pepper 
shaker image seems a little off. Doesn't immediately connect to the 
"choices" theme, and isn't particularly punchy.
> (2) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/cat_mock_web_001.png
Hate the color scheme. The crop circle is cute, but I'm concerned with 
how much screen real estate it takes up.
> (3) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/new-version-2-26.jpg
Color scheme doesn't work for me.
> (4) http://ion0.com/hx/cat/catalystSiteDesign3.jpg
Big no to colors here too...  I don't think the feeling of having a 
framed section in the middle would carry over to a working site well.
> (5) http://agaton.scsys.co.uk/~matthewt/catsite/catsite-Penfold.pdf
My second choice of the new designs from a visual standpoint. I think it 
might be hard to get all the information into this format on a working 
site, though.

Since somebody proposed that the current page isn't that bad...

Too pale, not dramatic or powerful enough, but shares the three-column 
layout that I think works well. Doesn't scale to large fonts as well as 
Simon's design (which scales up nicely). But the only new design I like 
better is Simon's.

Like a few other people have mentioned it's very important to me that I 
can increase the font size. My laptop monitor is too high resolution to 
work well with most sites (and my eyes) and I'm constantly hitting ctrl-+.

Gerda Shank

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