[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst site design drafts feedback thread

Simon Wilcox simonw at digitalcraftsmen.net
Fri Jun 13 14:32:14 BST 2008

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> Let's spend our collective efforts doing something other than arguing
> about colors.

Exactly. Leave the design of the site as it is and concentrate on making 
the the content easier to understand and use.

Sprawling inconsistent self-contradictory content is still that no 
matter what colour you paint it.

Make the content easy to find and use and it almost doesn't matter what 
the design looks like.

Information architects hate this design-down approach as much as you 
core Catalyst developers hate poor APIs. Both desires, easy to use web 
sites and well thought out adaptable APIs require similar approaches and 
deep thinking in understanding how the site/code may be used and abused.

But I guess I am bikeshedding, I don't have the time to be actively 
involved in the process so what I say is less important.

FWIW, I vote that Matt picks what he likes and goes with it as someone 
is always going to be unhappy with the end result.


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