[Catalyst] FastCGI Deployment problem - can't find templates

Coates, Greg GCoates at csuchico.edu
Tue Sep 23 23:24:57 BST 2008

Okay.  I've done this.

I did some more checking, and I realize that I'm not sure where the static =
files and templates should be installed on a production server.  It doesn't=
 look like they get picked up in the make process.

I currently have them in the /opt/myserver directory.  My application perl =
module files are in the standard site_perl location.

Where should the templates, etc go?


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Your template files are not static files. They shouldn't be in the =

static directory. A fairly standard configuration is to have a templates =

directory right underneath root, at the same level as the static directory.

You should probably move the templates directory one level up and adjust =

the config for your TT view.


Greg Coates wrote:
> I've written my first Catalyst app.  Up until this point, I've been =

> using the Catalyst development server, but now I'm working on =

> deploying the application on my webserver using apache and FastCGI.
> The problem is, now that I have the app deployed, Catalyst can't seem =

> to find my template files.  These templates were found with no problem =

> in the development environment.  Here's the error I'm getting:
> [error] Couldn't render template "file error - comments/report.tt: not =

> found"
> And here's my apache configuration:
> LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so
> FastCgiExternalServer /opt/myapp/myapp_fastcgi.pl -host
> <VirtualHost>
>     ServerName blog-admin.myserver.com
>     Alias /static /opt/myapp/root/static
>     Alias / /opt/myapp/myapp_fastcgi.pl/
> </VirtualHost>
> (I have the template files in the /opt/myapp/root/static/templates =

> directory.)
> And the command I used to start the FastCGI server:
> ./myapp_fastcgi.pl -e -l -p /tmp/myapp.pid
> I'm stumped.  Does anyone see a problem with my configuration or =

> otherwise that might be keeping Catalyst from seeing my template files?
> Thanks,
> Greg Coates
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