[Catalyst] Creating Catalyst Models from MSSQL

Stuart Watt swatt at infobal.com
Tue Aug 4 18:46:46 GMT 2009

Amiri Barksdale wrote:
> I also seem to remember reading or hearing that DBD::ODBC may be a
> better solution for MSSQL, but don't quote me on that
We use DBD::ODBC for MSSQL with little problem. The main issue was to =

get quoting right. We enabled portability by getting MySQL to use ANSI =

quotes, and using the following (we use YAML)  configuration when =

talking to MSSQL:

 connect_info:  =

    - 'dbi:ODBC(dbi_connect_method=3Dconnect_cached):Driver=3D{SQL =

    - 'username'
    - 'password'
    - AutoCommit: 1
      quote_char: '"'
      name_sep: '.'

The additional quote_char and name_sep args were required to get DBIC to =

do the right thing.

All the best
-- =

Stuart Watt
ARM Product Developer
Information Balance
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