[Catalyst] Re: Production session issue - commercial supportinquiry?

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Thu Jan 8 22:37:59 GMT 2009

* Matt Pitts <mpitts at a3its.com> [2009-01-08 21:50]:
> The actual information is in the model, I'm just using the
> session to store a reference - $c->session->{cart_id}. Also,
> C::Authentication is using the session to store logged in user
> info. My usage of Session is very basic and the only thing
> being written to the cookie is the session id. I don't think
> P::AuthenCookie would help in this situation.

Exactly the opposite! You’re not using the session mechanism for
much of anything and it’s not working properly. What other effect
than a positive one could eliminating sessions have? AuthenCookie
tamper-proofs the cookie and you can store a cart owner in the
cart data so you can auth-check it; presto, no session necessary.

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