[Catalyst] Alternatives to Catalyst ?

Oleg Pronin syber.rus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 12:52:42 GMT 2010

Perfomance optimization are unavailable for you because only people
like you write such mega slow fuckin code. goodbye

2010/4/23 J. Shirley <jshirley at gmail.com>:
> On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 4:36 AM, Oleg Pronin <syber.rus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Can you hear the difference between 3mln/s and 24k/s ?
>> I do not say that using hashes are good. But i'm sure that developers
>> MUST NOT use super-slow frameworks like MooseXXXX-shit (which tries to
>> emulate perl6 on perl5:   what for???) only to get "good maintened
>> code". That's the own problems of developers how do they organize
>> internals. Why users of Catalyst must suffer from that ?  Or you wanna
>> tell that "good maintened code" must have a price of >100x slow down
>> ??? that an absurdity can't you see it?
>> It is possible to get good code (with MIXINS, C3, etc) without such a
>> great losses. If you see that something slows down application more
>> than 2x why do you use it? kick it off ! Benchmark.pm is your friend!
>> Finnaly, you are creating framework for other people and the main
>> thing is how it looks outside, not inside.
>> Sorry for my "hard" post, i'm just a little nervious :(
> Look, you may be nervous but it doesn't give you a right to be stupid
> in public.  That's exactly what you are being.
> Did you see my benchmark post? It shows the *exact* same pattern by
> simply wrapping a sub around a hash lookup.  This is called
> programming.  You do things, it makes the CPU work.  Done.
> You have provided absolutely no useful Benchmarking, which would be an
> entire request lifecycle against your idea of what a perfect request
> would be.
> What's your concern?  That your site won't be fast enough?  That's
> bogus, because you could just ask, "Hey, who is running high profile,
> high demand sites on Catalyst and what are your performance numbers?"
> Then you wouldn't be acting like an asshole, and people would help you
> out.
> It's obvious you are struggling to understand a subject that you
> aren't familiar with (performance optimization) and are lashing out at
> the obvious things you can find ("A hash ref is faster than a sub,
> lets never use a sub!").  Don't.
> Spend some time properly benchmarking *your* application and see what
> you can do to improve the throughput.  Ask *specific* questions on
> *specific* benchmarks.
> Right now you are hand waving and making yourself look like a complete
> idiot.  You probably don't want to look like an idiot, so try taking
> my advice.
> -J
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