[Catalyst] Q: CatalystX::SimpleLogin

Bernhard Graf catalyst4 at augensalat.de
Thu Jan 28 10:23:13 GMT 2010

Tomas Doran schrieb:

>> 1. Is there a "simple" way to change the settings for
>>   "redirect_after_login_uri" and "redirect_after_logout_uri" ?
> The 'redirect_after_logout_uri' is just a method, so you can write a
> method yourself to override it, but then you need code, not config.

But that's not "simple" anymore, or? And for redirect_after_login_uri I
don't have any idea how I could overwrite that, because CX::SimpleLogin
injects CX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login as MyApp::Controller::Login
and I don't know how to get my own component inserted instead.

> I have to admit that I'm subclassing the login controller and overriding
> things myself in my less trivial apps :)

Aha! ;-)

> I just pushed 77da24b to the git repository to make
> redirect_after_logout_ur configureable, and 5cfa0e2 does the same for
> redirect_after_login_uri, assuming you're _removing_ the WithRedirect
> trait.

I did virtually the same with my local clone of CX::SimpleLogin. I was
just asking, because I wasn't sure if I'm missing the easy solution.

>> 2. Why is the redirect code outsourced into a role
>>   (CX:S::TraitFor::Controller::Login::WithRedirect) when
>>   Catalyst::ActionRole::NeedsLogin errors without it?
> Good question. The answer is it shouldn't be. Fixed in b512d4e.
> I've got a couple of other bits to do later tonight or tomorrow, then
> I'll get a new release out.

Seems you do your bits faster than I read my mails. ;)

> Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for helping, for CX::SimpleLogin and for everything else. :)


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