[Catalyst] What's the recommended EMAIL portion of the Catalyst framework, these days?

Bogdan Lucaciu bogdan at sinapticode.ro
Wed Jun 23 14:44:36 GMT 2010

We've used Catalyst::View::Email since forever and I recommend it.
I would ignore Catalyst::Plugin::Email.

C::V::Email uses Email::Sender::Simple under the hood for everything,
so you should be a bit familiar with its API.

It previously used Email::Send (which is now deprecated in favor to
Email::Sender), so make sure you don't confuse the two.

Enjoy :)

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 5:34 PM, will at serensoft.com <will at serensoft.com> wrote:
> Googling around the 'net we find all kinds of different advice about which packages to use for Emailing from Catalyst, each with a different timestamp and lots of recommendations about how other modules are deprecated...
> Catalyst::Plugin::Email?
> Catalyst::View::Email?
> MIME::Lite?
> Email::Sender::Simple?
> Email::Stuff?
> ...other?
> So we thought we'd ask the list: which module is modern and recommended enough to use for Emailing via Catalyst?
> Basically after a trouble-ticked is opened/created we want to send an email alerting appropriate folks to that fact...
> Thanks!
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