[Catalyst] Which C::View::PDF should I use?

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Mon Mar 8 10:40:55 GMT 2010

Good evening,

On 8/03/10 at 10:27 AM +0200, Octavian Rasnita 
<orasnita at gmail.com> wrote:

>Unfortunately I don't know if it can help me, because I am 
>blind and I can't see if the manually configured positions are 
>displayed correctly. That's why I was hoping that there is a 
>solution that works like the common TT templating system.

Wow, that certainly would make it more challenging. And I can't 
think of any way around needing to see where the values get 
printed. I'm having to position them through trial and error. 
(My current solution feels *very* hackish.)

Sorry I can't offer anything more useful.


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